September Power BI Update – Data

We are getting a new feature in preview that makes me happy (remember to turn it on in Options).  We now will have a PDF file connector.  PDFs are fairly popular for outputting reports, and sometimes they are the only way to actually get to the data you want.  Previously, you would have to save the files over again as Word documents, or have an Adobe product that can convert the PDF to an Excel file.  Now you can cut out those steps, and avoid issues with getting people to remember to perform the conversions.

For those of you that enjoy working on the M code in the Power Query Editor, there is also another new feature in preview – M Intellisense.  When you open up the Advanced Editor, you will get line numbers, syntax coloring, and other indicators to help keep everything straight.  This should help with debugging in the future.

Remember – you need to download and install a new copy of Power BI Desktop to get these new features!

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